CHR200TWQ Deep Cleaning System Rental

Introducing the CHR200TWQ Deep Cleaning System, a powerful solution designed for thorough and efficient cleaning operations. Key features include:

  • High pressure 250 bar water-driven deep cleaning system with rotary washer & drier 
  • 240 litre Clean Water Tank, 240 litre Waste Water Tank 
  • Cleaning Squeegee width: 1200 mm
  • LiFePo system with 200 Ah / 36 V batteries & petrol engine for water 

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What types of surfaces can the CHR200TWQ Deep Cleaning System effectively clean?
This deep cleaning system can efficiently clean a wide range of surfaces, including streets, parking lots, and industrial areas.
How high is the water pressure of the CHR200TWQ system?
The system operates at a high pressure of 250 bar, ensuring effective removal of tough stains and contaminants.
What is the capacity of the clean and waste water tanks?
The system is equipped with a 240-liter clean water tank and a 240-liter waste water tank for extended cleaning operations.
How wide is the cleaning squeegee on the CHR200TWQ Deep Cleaning System?
The cleaning squeegee has a width of 1200 mm, ensuring efficient water recovery and fast drying of cleaned surfaces.
Can you explain the power source of the CHR200TWQ system?
The CHR200TWQ utilizes a LiFePo system with 200 Ah / 36 V batteries and a petrol engine for water supply, providing a powerful and reliable hybrid system for sustained operation.